ABM Systems

ABM Systems (Activity-Based Management) consist on a kind of management model in which the decisions are based on…

Information Systems (IS)

Information Systems (IS) Concept: Information Systems (IS) concept derives from the system concept as human activity, which can involve…

Katz and Kahn Social System

Katz and Kahn Social System Concept: Daniel Katz and Robert Kahn were two of the main investigators of the management…

Knowledge Society

Knowledge Society Concept: Since a few decades has been verified a more accentuated tendency for transformation, and…

Likert Leadership Systems

Likert Leadership Systems Concept To evaluate the leadership style have been developed several models. Likert Leadership Systems form one of the most known and first evaluation models of the leadership style to be created. This model divides the leadership styles in four different types depending on the level of the leaders’ authority use: System I […]

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation Concept Market segmentation consists on an analyses and identification process of groups of clients with homogeneous needs and preferences or with some homogeneity level. Through the segmentation process, the market is divided in groups of clients with similar needs and preferences (the called market segments), allowing that the company better adapts its marketing […]

Marketing Strategy

The expression Marketing Strategy designates a group of marketing goals and plans, policies and actions developed to (…)

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure Concept: The Organizational Structure is the connection link between the organizations’ strategic guidelines and…

Sachet Marketing

Sachet Marketing Concept The expression Sachet Marketing designates a new marketing tendency whose essence lies in supporting the companies to place its products in the market at low prices but in big quantities and without losing the focus on the brand. So, Sachet Marketing addresses preferably to markets with low purchasing power and to clients […]


Salary Concept: Salary is the income that the employees receive in exchange for the work given in the productive process…

Scale Economies

Scale Economies Concept: Scale economies represent earnings, in terms of production costs, that the organizations obtain…


Service Concept: The term service designates a specific type of good with intangibility characteristics; this is, without…

Six Sigma Model

Six Sigma Model Concept: Six Sigma is a quality management model, initially developed and implemented by Motorola in 1986 and…

Skimming Price

Skimming Price Concept: The expression Skimming Price designates a marketing strategy in which the product’s price is fixed above…

Small is Beautiful (Book)

Small is Beautiful – Book Summary Small is Beautiful is the original title of the book written in 1973 by Ernst Fritz Shumacher, in which he defended the production in small scale, contradicting the business mentality prevailing at the time and based on the company’s gigantism. Despite quickly becoming a surprisingly bestseller, only 20 years […]

Social and Human Skills

Social and Human Skills Concept Social and human skills represent the capacity to deal with people, uniting them and motivating them to achieve the organizational goals. For that it’s fundamental the team spirit, justice, impartiality and ethic in conflicts’ resolution and assignment of compliments and incentive to the subordinates. According to Robert L. Katz, social […]

Social Communication

Social Communication Concept Social Communication can be defined as a knowledge area that studies the human communication and the issues that involve the interaction between different elements in a society. This human communication study involves the information transmission technical analysis, format analysis and the supports with what the information is transmitted and still the analysis […]

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Concept: According to Hellriegel/Slocum in “Management” there are three social responsibility concepts…

Social-Cultural Context

Social-Cultural Context Concept Social-Cultural Context designates a group of contextual variables with influence in the performance and in the activity and reflects society’s values, customs and traditions and influences the exchanges and the work systems. Are examples of Social-Cultural Context variables the following: Lifestyle: The populations’ lifestyle has a great influence in the kind of […]

Society of Organizations

Society of Organizations Concept: Through the simple observation of the world around us, we easily observe that we live in a society almost totally…

SODA – Strategic Options Development and Analysis

SODA – Strategic Options Development and Analysis: SODA is the acronym for the English expression Strategic Options Development and Analysis and…


Stakeholder Concept The English term Stakeholder designates a person, group or entity with legitimate interests in the actions and performance of an organization and which decisions and attitudes may affect, direct or indirectly, that other organization. Are included in the Stakeholders the employees, managers, owners, suppliers, clients, creditors, State (while tax and regulatory authority), unions […]

Stocks Management

Stocks Management Concept: Stocks management is one of the organizations’ traditional functional areas and includes, on one side…

Stocks Rotation Ratio

Stocks Rotation Ratio Concept Stocks rotation ratio or indicator is an activity ratio that seeks to measure the efficiency level with which the company is making its management of materials in stock. The higher the clients rotation ratio value, bigger the efficiency of the stocks management. Stocks rotation ratio is calculated by the division of […]

Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance Concept: A Strategic Alliance is an association between two or more companies that gather resources and know-how to develop…

Strategic analyses of actors (Foresight)

A análise estratégica de atores consiste na análise das relações de influência/dependência que aqueles mantêm entre si, em relação a um determinado foco estratégico.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis Concept: The strategic analysis makes integral part of the strategic management of the organizations and includes…

Strategic Group

Strategic Group Concept: A Strategic Group is a group of company belonging to the same activity sector and that adopt similar…

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Concept Strategic planning corresponds to the attempt of foreseeing and to give a timely response to the happenings that come to be verified in the surroundings through the definition and structuring of the long term general performance lines, in order to achieve the proposed goals. Strategic planning can be divided in: Corporative level […]


Strategy Concept: The term strategy has its etymological origin in the Greek word “strategos”, which drifts from stratus…

Structural analysis (foresight)

In a strategic foresight, structural analysis consists of a technique of systems analysis, which, by allowing the detection of “hidden” relationships and decomposing the system into subsystems, can help to recognize what was otherwise not perceptible.


Supervisor Concept Supervisor is the lowest management position in hierarchic terms, this is, the person who in hierarchic terms is right above the non manager employees and below all the remaining mangers. In a manufacturing unit, for example, the supervisor is the person who coordinates and supervises a team of workers. In a sales department […]

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis Concept: SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) whose creation is assigned to Kenneth Andrews and…

Systemic Approach

Systemic Management Approach: Systemic Management Approach (or System Theory) emerged, together with the Contingency Approach, as a…

Union (Trade Union)

Union (Trade Union) Concept Currently, and synthetically said, a union is a free association, stable and permanent of employees or workers belonging to a same career or related careers) or to a same activity sector, that gather for a defense of the correspondent professional interests, individual or collective, namely at the level of work conditions […]

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