Ethics Tools

Ethics Tools Concept: If we think in ethic as a moral science, to perform with ethic, it’s enough to respect the moral rules prevailing in…

Frederick Herzberg

Frederick Herzberg (Life and Work): Frederick Herzberg was an important studious of human motivations having given a significant…

Harvesting Strategy

Harvesting Strategy Concept: The English expression harvesting Strategy, made popular by the American Boston Consulting Group…

Hawthorne Experiments

Hawthorne Experiments Concept: Hawthorne experiments were a study performed by Elton Mayo between 1924 and 1932…

Hendon Negotiation Tactics Model

Hendon Negotiation Tactics Model Hendon Negotiation Tactic Model corresponds to a group of negotiation tactics identified and developed by professor Hendon at the University of Hawaii. These tactics should be used in the distributive negotiation, in which the aim is “split the cake” and the question is to be who will take the bigger piece. […]

Henri Fayol

Henri Fayol Biography: Mines engineer and French administrator, Henri Fayol was one of the first researchers to analyze the…

Henri Fayol Management Principles

Henri Fayol, like Taylor, also defined several principles, over which the organizations should operate, from which are highlighted: Tasks specialization principles: represents the work division made in the organization in groups of activities or duties related among them as a way to increase productivity and efficiency. Balance between authority and responsibility principle: means that the […]

Hersery and Blanchard Situational Theory

Hersery and Blanchard Situational Theory Presentation: Hersery and Blanchard Situational Theory (or Model), developed by Paul Hersery and…

Herzeberg Two Factors Theory

Herzeberg Two Factors Theory Presentation Two Factors Theory (or Model) from the authorship of Frederick Herzberg seeks to explain the reasons that influence the peoples’ work in the organizations. In this model, Herzberg distinguishes two types of factors which influence the employees’ motivation – hygienic factors and motivator factors: Hygienic Factors: Only influence motivation negatively […]


Hierarchy Concept – In general, hierarchy concept designates a way of organization of several elements of a certain system, in which each one of (…)


Holding Concept The term holding designates a company that controls a group of other companies through total or partial possession of the correspondent equity, such companies that can or not belong to several activity sectors. Sometimes holdings are simply managers of the social participations, assuming the juridical form of Social Participations Managing Society performing, in […]

Human Capital

Human Capital Concept: The expression Human Capital designates a group of capacities, knowledge, attributes, and motivations of the people…

Human Relations Theory

Human Relations Theory Presentation: Human Relations Theory is a management theory, included in the Behavioral School founded by…

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management Concept – The human resources management is one of the traditional functions of an organization (…)

Social and Human Skills

Social and Human Skills Concept Social and human skills represent the capacity to deal with people, uniting them and motivating them to achieve the organizational goals. For that it’s fundamental the team spirit, justice, impartiality and ethic in conflicts’ resolution and assignment of compliments and incentive to the subordinates. According to Robert L. Katz, social […]

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