Formal Organization

Formal Organization Concept: Formal Organization corresponds to the organizations’ component that establishes the way how is…

Informal Organization

Informal Organization Concept: Informal organization designates a group of relations or interactions that emerge spontaneously among the…


Ombudsman Concept: The term Ombudsman, synonym of prosecutor, provider, trustee, representative, deputy, drifts from a…

Operational Planning

Operational Planning Concept Operational plan contains the details of the way how should be implemented the strategic plan on the organizations’ daily activity. Usually is performed by the intermediate managers, with the cooperation of the supervisors. Operational plans can originate two types of plans: Unit use plans, used in situations that occur only one time […]


OPEX Concept OPEX is the English acronym for Operational Expenditure and that designates the amount of money used to maintain in operation the capital goods of a company, namely the equipments and facilities. So, OPEX is the cost continuously spent to maintain the production of a product or service to keep a business or a […]


Organization Concept Resorting to the classical concept, we can define any organization as a group of two or more people who perform tasks, either in group, either individually but in a coordinated and controlled manner, performing on a certain context or environment, looking to achieve a pre determined goal through the effective affectation of several […]

Organization Activities

Organization Activities Concept Organization activities is one of the four management classical functions and corresponds to the creation of organization structures and to the definition of a group of rules and performance ways as well as the hierarchy position or authority and of the responsibilities of each member inside the established structure. Correspond, by other […]

Organizational Aims

Organizational Aims Concept The organizational aims correspond to the results desired in an organization. Unlike the mission (that is defined in a generic form and not quantified), the aims must be specifically expressed and respect a series of requirements, namely: Hierarchy: concerns the hierarchy of the aims in order of importance or priority, which will […]

Organizational Climate

Organizational Climate Concept: The expression Organizational Climate designates the collective perception that the employees have of…

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Concept: According to L. Smircich’s definition in “Concepts of Culture and Organizational Analysis” Organizational Culture…

Organizational Resources

Organizational Resources Concept: Organizational Resources represent all resources available to the organization and necessary for…

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure Concept: The Organizational Structure is the connection link between the organizations’ strategic guidelines and…


Outplacement Concept Outplacement corresponds to a business practice born in the United States and that intends to support the dismissed employees in the process of professional reintegration in other companies. Initially this practice was developed inside the companies that made the dismissals with the aim to reduce the social impact of dismissals and minimize its […]


Outsourcing Concept Outsourcing is a way to raise values to a business converting an internal costs centre into an external service through subcontracting, allowing the release of organization’s resources and managers to concentrate their attentions in the business areas of high strategy significance. The two main advantages of outsourcing are: the release of resources (including […]

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