Accounting Liquidity

Accounting Liquidity Concept The expression Accounting Liquidity designates the quickness or easiness with which the assets detained by an entity can be converted in payment method. For example, the current assets (products stocks, debts own by customers, etc.) are faster converted into payment methods than the fixed or tangible assets (facilities, equipments, etc.). The bigger […]

Cost Leadership

Cost Leadership Concept: Cost leadership corresponds to one of the generic strategies described by Michael E. Porter…

Financial Leverage

Financial Leverage Concept: Financial Leverage corresponds to a financial growth effect of Profitability of Equity Capitals (also designated as…

Leaders: The Strategy for Taking Charge

Written by Warren Bennies and Burt Nanus in 1985, “Leaders: The Strategy for Taking Charge” follows a conventional formula of taking lessons about management from the example of successful people. For that he bases on Bennis’ investigations near 90 North American leaders. The selected sample of leaders by Bennis was extremely varied, including maestros, sports […]


Leadership Concept: In a synthetic way, to lead means drive or command, encourage and motivate the members of an…

Leadership Behavioral Theory

Leadership Behavioral Theory Presentation: In this theory, seeks to arrive to the definition of leadership through the observation of the…


Lean Concept: The term Lean designates an integrated group of principles, techniques and tools that lead to permanent…


Leasing Concept: Leasing (or financial lease) consists on a funding operation though which one of the parts (the lesser) gives to…

Lewin Field Theory

Lewin Field Theory Presentation: Lewin Field Theory (in which “field” is defined as the total coexistence of facts that are conceived as…

Likert Leadership Systems

Likert Leadership Systems Concept To evaluate the leadership style have been developed several models. Likert Leadership Systems form one of the most known and first evaluation models of the leadership style to be created. This model divides the leadership styles in four different types depending on the level of the leaders’ authority use: System I […]

The Third Wave (Book)

The Third Wave Presentation The Third Wave, written by the North American futurist Alvin Tofler in 1980, describes a new world order: post-industrial society, to which Tofler called the “Third Wave”, which emerges after the industrial society (the “Second Wave”), which had been preceded by the agriculture society (the “First Wave”). The great news of […]

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