Lewin Field Theory

Lewin Field Theory Presentation: Lewin Field Theory (in which “field” is defined as the total coexistence of facts that are conceived as…

Lewin Field Theory Presentation

Lewin Field Theory (in which “field” is defined as the total coexistence of facts that are conceived as mutually interdependent), developed by Kurt Lewin in A Dynamic Theory of Personality, is one of the many theories which seek to explain the human nature and behavior, relying on the following assumptions:

  • The people’s behavior results from a group of factors that coexist in the environment in which that person develops his activity, such group factor that includes family, career, work, politic, religion, etc.;
  • The referred group of factors forms a dynamic relation of interdependence, to which Lewin calls psychological field (that this way forms the individuals’ own space of life, defining the way how this understands and interprets the external environment around him).

The subjective interpretation that each person makes about other people, of things and other phenomenon that in each moment form their environment become valences, this is, get a certain value. Valence is positive when the way how the person interprets their environment induces the idea of their wishes and needs satisfaction; it’s negative when the opposite is verified.

This theory presents three basic principles:

  1. Behavior is a field function that happens at the time in which the behavior occurs;
  2. Analysis starts with the situation as whole, from which are differentiated the component’s parts;
  3. A person in a real situation can be represented mathematically.
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