Ethic Levels

Ethic Levels Concept Ethic decisions and behaviors cannot be understood nor evaluated at only one level, but in a wider context. There are four levels that can be used to diagnose and consider ethic questions on an ethic values system: Social, Legal, Organizational and Individual levels. Social Level: as we have seen before, currently and […]

Management Levels

Management Levels Concept Depending on the hierarchy level occupied in the organization’s structure (which is coincident, usually, with the authority and responsibility level) management can be divided in general management (or top) and functional management. Can still be considered a third management level, normally, designated by the supervisors which corresponds to a category of managers […]

Market’s Corner

Market’s Corner Concept A Market’s Corner corresponds to a market’s segment built by a reduced number of consumers with homogeneous characteristics and needs and easily identifiable. Due to its small size, the market’s corners are usually neglected by big companies, being, hence, excellent opportunities for the small companies that by this can escape the domain […]

Net Result

Net Result Concept Net Result designates the residual result that the company detains on a certain period after deducted the gains (or profits) all expenses (or losses), either being expenses with merchandise purchases, materials and services, expenses with personnel, equipments attrition, funding financial costs, taxes, among others. The use given to the net result can […]

Net Working Capital

Net Working Capital Concept: Working Capital is a financial indicator and designates the set of all assets and liability values associated to the…


Networking Concept: The term Networking has origin in computers having generalized itself to the structure of some organizations…

New Patterns of Management

Summary of the Book “New Patterns of Management”: “New Patterns of Management” corresponds to the original title of the bestseller…

Nominal Group

Nominal Group Concept Nominal Group is a group decision taking technique whose fundamental characteristic is the fact that the elements of the group, despite being front to front in meeting, present their ideas in a systematic way and totally independent. After the identification and presentation of the problem by the group leader, the sequence of […]

NPV (Net Present Value)

Net Present Value (NPV) has as goal to evaluate an investments’ project viability through the calculation of the current value of all its cash-flows (being for that an indicator a lot used in viability analysis studies). By current value is understood today’s value of a certain amount to obtain in the future. Like any investment […]

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