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Ethics Tools Concept: If we think in ethic as a moral science, to perform with ethic, it’s enough to respect the moral rules prevailing in…

Ethics Tools Concept

If we think in ethic as a moral science, to perform with ethic, it’s enough to respect the moral rules prevailing in society. Regarding the organizations there are some “tools” for an ethical correct performance, from which we highlight:

  • Respect lawfulness: assuming that the State, while legislator entity, respects peoples’ integrity, seeks justice and promotes ethic values, laws should be strictly respected.
  • Perform with professionalism: means responsibility in actions, faithfulness to specific responsibilities, confidentiality in commercial relations which demand it, subordinates supervision not only from a technical point of view but also from an ethic point of view, verify the products’ quality levels before they are placed for sale, evaluate and justify all negative impacts that can have certain decisions and prevent corrective actions.
  • Act always in good faith: the weakness and honesty are the only way to achieve a good business performance, having always in account the competitors integrity and the free market rules – such implies that should not be made misleading publicity campaigns, among others.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest: the use of the organization for strictly personal means should be avoided, since it can create damage for the organization self or for other entities that with it relate; should also be avoided partial decisions (to favor one of the parts) that can provoke conflicts between the involved.
  • Respect peoples’ integrity and their moral values: means the respect not only for the physical integrity, but also for the emotional and moral integrity, being, be attentive to aspects like hygiene and safety at work, respect the rules and values socially accepted as correct, avoid and punish situations such as sexual harassment and racial, religious, cultural or other discrimination.
  • Not use privileges in self benefit: means to not use the hierarchy position or the performed duties for self means in sacrifice of the organization or the society or for organizational means at the expense of society. These include the not use of influences, bribes and frauds, the not undermining the environment, the not commercialization of harmful products, the not use of privileged information, among others.
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