Discription of the scientist concept, who are these people, what is there motivation and a small list with some famous scientists…

Six Degrees of Separation

According to the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, any human being is at a maximum distance of six levels from any other human being in the planet, i. e., between any two people randomly selected, there can be established a bond that can be of first degree, in case they know each other personally/have a […]

Strategic analyses of actors (Foresight)

A análise estratégica de atores consiste na análise das relações de influência/dependência que aqueles mantêm entre si, em relação a um determinado foco estratégico.

Structural analysis (foresight)

In a strategic foresight, structural analysis consists of a technique of systems analysis, which, by allowing the detection of “hidden” relationships and decomposing the system into subsystems, can help to recognize what was otherwise not perceptible.

Tofler, Alvin

Alvin Tofler Biography: Alvin Tofler is an important author, known as one of the greater futurists in the management area. Beyond the several…

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