Cinema and theater

Almodóvar, Pedro

Considered one of the most controversial film-makers of all times, Pedro Almodóvar was born in Spain in the 50’s. His birth date is unknown, and has been intentionally hidden by the director, with unknown reason. The same somewhat irrational and inexplicable logic is one of the most distinctive characteristics of his work. Almodóvar comes from […]


Concept of analepsis Analepsis, or flashback, is a narrative technique, commonly used in literature and cinema, but that can also be used in theatre, and that consists on the description of events prior to the present moment of the story. This way, the chronological order of the facts is interrupted, and there is a return […]

Auster, Paul

Paul Benjamin Auster is a renowned and laureate North-American author. Born on the 3rd February 1947 in Newark, in the state of New Jersey, Auster comes from a middle class Jewish family. It was in his early teens that the future writer began to show his interest towards literature, being an avid consumer of several […]


Also commonly known as the 7th Art, cinema can be defined as the art, or industry, of film production. The term comes from the Greek word “kinematographos”, composed by the words “kinema” (movement) and “grafos” (writing, record); it is the clear that movement is an intrinsic part of the cinema, always accompanied by some type […]


A cyclorama is the name given to the back of a stage, in a theatre, concert or show room, and that is placed behind the artists that are performing; it is commonly made of a light material, usually canvas or fabric, but it can also be a wall, and, as the name indicates, it has […]

de Ghelderode, Michel

Michel de Ghelderode was a very well-known Belgian dramatist. His real name was Adhémar Adolphe Louis Martens, and he was born on the 3rd April 1898 in Ixelles, in Belgium, a bilingual municipality, so Ghelderode was encouraged since childhood to learn both official languages of the area, namely French and Dutch. Michel came from a […]

DeMille, Cecil B.

Cecil Blount DeMille was a notorious North American director and producer, and one of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, being also considered one of the responsible for the establishment of Hollywood as one of the most important movie industries. Born in August 1881 in Ashfield, in the state of […]

Disney, Walt

Walter Elias Disney, most commonly known as Walt Disney, was a famous entrepreneur in the area of animation movies, being the founder of the Walt Disney Company, one of the biggest companies in the world, that influences and develops products in multiple areas. Born on the 5th December 1901 in Chicago, in the United States […]


An extra, or background actor, is a figure or character that can appear in a movie, series or theatre play. Normally, the extra appears on set only in the background, and doesn’t have any kind of influence in the development of the narrative; in most cases, it is even impossible to identify the identity of […]

Film noir

Film noir is a movie subgenre that belongs to the main category of police movies, and it is mainly characterized by the specific themes depicted and also by its inherent visual attributes. Regarding the narrative, film noir mostly deals with criminal drama, in a very direct way, and sometimes even with a cynical approach; the […]

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