Kohlberg Moral Development Model

Kohlberg Moral Development Model Presentation: Kohlberg moral development model can be used to explore questions referent to the way how…

Kohlberg Moral Development Model Presentation

Kohlberg moral development model can be used to explore questions referent to the way how organization members’ deal with ethic dilemmas, including how to determine what is right or wrong on a particular situation. Kholberg identified 6 stadiums of moral judgment development and grouped them in 3 big levels, which correspond to ways of justifying the choice of a behavior based in new ethic principles. These stages are classified according to a hierarchy in continuous progression, each new stadium integrating and consolidating the previous.

  1. Obedience and punishment stadium: The individual in the 1st stadium makes the right things especially to avoid a punishment or to obtain approval, having little sensibility of the others’ needs.
  2. Instrumental exchange stadium: In the 2nd stadium the act is judged as moral if the result is coincident with the interest and needs of the individual himself or the others.
  3. Inter-personal relations: The 3rd stadium established that the behaviors’ moral is dictated by the maintenance of good relations. It’s needed to help others, please them and obtain their approval.
  4. Law and order: in the 4th stadium the individual recognizes that the ethic behavior doesn’t exclusively depend from friends, family or work colleagues. Correct behavior consists in doing his work, show respect for the authority in order to avoid the guiltiness that results from there.
  5. Social contract: In the 5th stadium rules must be respected because they are what it’s based on.
  6. Universal principles: In the 6th and last stadium the good is defined according to each one’s conscience, according to ethic principles adopted autonomously, more than in conformity with the laws and social agreements.
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