Distance Selling

Distance Selling Concept: Distance selling can be defined as a sales technique in which the products are presented to the…

Distance Selling Concept

Distance selling can be defined as a sales technique in which the products are presented to the potential clients through images or messages broadcasted by several communication means and to which the consumer answers communicating his decision by the same means or other similar.

Therefore can be considered several distance selling:

  1. Sales by Post or sales via mail – consists in proposing, in a timely manner, the purchase through mail of a service or a product in particular.
  2. Sales by Catalogue – consist in the periodic sending of catalogues, bearing a great number of various articles, to people in a data base. Usually also performed by mail differs from the sales by post because promotes several products or services and not only one.
  3. Sales by Telephone, also known by telemarketing or telephone marketing – consist on the offer of products and services by telephone, in most cases to people who are already clients of the company.
  4. Sales by Television, also known as Telesales or Teleshopping – consists in presenting products on a television program, giving the audience the possibility to place the order by phone.
  5. Sales by Videotext, also known as Telematic Sales or Sales by Electronic Terminal – consist, like in the sales by television, in the presentation of products in teletext broadcasts, but allowing placing the order directly via television or terminal.
  6. Sales by Internet, known as ecommerce or cyber sale is currently the distance selling way in greater expansion worldwide. Unlike the previous ways of selling, sales by Internet is frequently used by companies who use “traditional” distribution channels, but that wish to publicize this way their product and therefore also diversify markets.
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