Genre (art)

In the artistic context, the genre can be defined as a main style, that clusters a wide range of similar characteristics, and that allows to classify and distinguish different art productions that share a common base.

Whether in music, literature, painting, cinema, sculpture, or any other art, the division by genre can be made regarding the from itself, which is, the exterior characteristics that are visible and tangible of a certain art product, as well as concerning the topics approached; it is then clear the complexity of this categorical division of styles inside a certain art form, which nevertheless is essential to the study and comprehension of the art development throughout the years. This way, artistic genres can be perceived as very broad concepts that allow the division of artistic productions according to formal base and topics they share. However, and given the fact that the concept of genre is very wide, there are also divisions inside each genre, which are called subgenres; a subgenre is nothing more than a genre itself, but that fits within another wider genre, being more particular and detailed in the categorizations it allows. For example, a movie can be inserted in the historical genre, i. e., the narrative portrays actions that took place some time in the past; inside the historical genre, there can be multiple subgenres: it is possible to produce a movie about the Middle Age, or World War II, among many others.

It is important to emphasize the fact that all genres are social constructions, and therefore they are changeable and unlimited, and can be constructed and deconstructed, being always adaptable to the different artistic movements and styles, since none art form must fit a single specific genre, but the genres defined must be adapted and changed along the years, in order to embrace all new art productions.

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