Economic and Financial Analysis

Economic and Financial Analysis Concept

The expression Economic and Financial Analysis designates a kind of analysis performed to the companies and that seeks to answer to two fundamental questions:

  1. Up until what point the company has the financial means adequate to its operational and investment needs or what its capacity of obtaining them as a way to guarantee its survival and independence.
  2. Which the capacity of the company to generate value as a way to guarantee its permanence and growth and the adequate salary of all who participate in it, whether being investors, employees or others.

Even though this kind of analysis should to be always understood in an integrated way, the same is usually divided in two types, depending on the question to which it answers: as far as the answer to the first question is given the designation of financial analysis, to the answer for the second question is given the designation of economic analysis.

To perform an economic and financial analysis, there is a wide set of methodologies and instruments, among which the analysis of financial maps, calculation and indicators’ analysis, graphics, etc.

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