Albrecht & Associates Model

Albrecht & Associates Model Concept

Albrecht & Associates Model is a leadership evaluation model proposed by Albrecht & Associates, North American consultant specialized in the effectiveness improvement through organizational development. The model bases on the assumption that the leadership style depends from four factors: share of goals, team work, independence (or delegation level) and reward. This model uses a mold (Leadership Factors Mold) where is summarized a group of common behaviors for each factor, placing them between the reduced significance and high significance level.

Significance given





Share of goals Imposes work Shares ideas and sets goals Depends from the subordinates to define tasks
Gives significance to team work There are no group meetings Problem resolution, goals definition and tasks attribution are made in group Are performed too many group meetings
Allows independence Gives little freedom and responsibility to the Give freedom to the subordinates within pre established limits The leader doesn’t direct
Offers rewards Criticizes and rarely compliments Recognizes and demands good work Offers rewards to be accepted and not to reward good performance
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