Ansoff Mold

Ansoff Mold Concept: Ansoff Mold, created by Igor Ansoff is a support model to the strategic planning, based on the business expansion and…

Ansoff, Igor

Born in 1918, in Vladivostok in Russia, Igor Ansoff at the age of 16 went with his parents to United States. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and (…)

Argyris Maturity Theory

Argyris Maturity Theory Presentation: Argyris Maturity Theory, presented by Chris Argyris in Personality and Organization, is one of the many theories that…

Argyris, Chris

Chris Argyris Biography Born on July 16, 1923 in the United States of America, Chris Argyris is considered as one of the biggest worldwide authorities in the field of organizational behavior. He was the pioneer of the learning organizations’ concept, later made popular by Peter Senge, such concept that describes an organization in constant learning. […]


The term ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit) is an economical indicator used in company’s economical and financial analyses and seeks to evaluate the (…)

Arthur Young Sustained Growth Analysis Model

Arthur Young Sustained Growth Analysis Model Arthur Young Sustained Growth Analysis Model, created by Arthur Young & Co consultant consists on a formula the uses several variables of economic and financial scope and that seeks to show the company’s financial performance and provide the managers useful information for financial planning and decision  taking and for […]

Asch Experiments

Asch Experiments Concept: Asch Experiments, developed by Solomon Asch, consists of a meeting with groups of seven or eight people to…


Assets Concept: Assets is an accountancy concept that represents the group of all goods and rights, tangible or intangible, held by a certain individual or…

Assets Rotation Ratio

Assets Rotation Ratio Concept Assets rotation ratio or indicator is an activity ratio that seeks to measure the efficiency level with which the company is using its assets. The higher the assets rotation ratio value, bigger the efficiency with which the company is creating sales. Assets rotation ratio is calculated by the division of the […]


Audit Concept The term audit designates an activity of lifting, analysis and detailed and systematic procedures’ evaluation, internal practices and routines of an organization as a way to find objective evidence of the accordance relatively to a certain pattern or goal, whether this being ruled by internal policies, external policies or even legal requirements. Audits […]

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