Activity or Operation Ratios

Activity or Operation Ratios Concept Activity or operation ratios form a type of economical-financial indicators that seek to measure the efficiency level in the company’s assets management. Usually activity ratios assume the form of rotation ratios (which represent the number of times that an asset transforms in sales on a certain period of time) or […]

Activity Value Analysis (AVA)

The English expression Activity Value Analysis (AVA) designated a costs control methodology based in a creation of a data base destined to…


Adhocracy Concept Adhocracy is an expression written by Alvin Tofler and popularized by Robert Waterman with the book «Adhocracy – The Power to Change» and is correspondent to the opposite of bureaucracy: while bureaucracy places the emphasis on the accuracy of routines, Adhocracy places the emphasis on the simplification of processes and the adaptation of […]


Concept of Admeasurement: The Admeasurement is a measurement procedure (metrological) that it takes place the control of measuring instruments…


AIDA Concept The term AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), designates a tool or a model of communication management highly used in marketing and seeks to describe the mental states through which the consumers go in a process of purchase of products or services. The goal of the model application is to seek for solutions that […]

Albrecht & Associates Model

Albrecht & Associates Model Concept Albrecht & Associates Model is a leadership evaluation model proposed by Albrecht & Associates, North American consultant specialized in the effectiveness improvement through organizational development. The model bases on the assumption that the leadership style depends from four factors: share of goals, team work, independence (or delegation level) and reward. […]

Alderfer Needs Theory

Alderfer Needs Theory Presentation Also known as ERG Theory (Existence, Relatedness and Growth), Alderfer Needs Theory, developed by Clayton Alderfer, is one of the several theories that seek to explain human motivations through the needs satisfaction. In many aspects very similar to Maslow’s Needs Theory, Alderfer Needs Theory also explains the employees motivation according to […]

Alfred D. Chandler Jr.

Born in 1918, Alfred Chandler made exhaustive researches of the North American companies in activity in the period between 1850 and 1920…


The term AMPU (Average Margin Per Unit) is an economical indicator used in economic and financial analyses of companies and seeks to evaluate the company’s capacity to generate profits or margin per unit. Is a highly used indicator in sectors such as telecommunications and other sectors based in subscription, meaning the provided profit by each […]

AMRCO Pre Approval Audit Model

AMRCO Pre Approval Audit Model AMRCO Pre Approval Audit Model arose at Amrco when was made an investment request from one of its departments of the amount of 50 million dollars, having been afterwards reported at Harvard Business Review by Robert Lambrix and by Surendra Singvhi, treasurer and planning director respectively. The models’ aim is […]

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