Aquaculture consists on the application of farming techniques on the production of marine and freshwater organisms, such as fish, crustaceans, bivalves and aquatic plants. This industry targets the productions of organisms for human consumption, ornamental trade, biotechnological applications or natural stocks restoration efforts. This practice, which dates back to ancestral times, aroused great interest after […]


Ericeira is a fishing village, situated near Mafra, in the district of Lisbon, Portugal. The village is located in an area normally nominated “West Zone”. The name “Ericeira” means “land of the hedgehog”, a reference to the animal that could once be found in great number in the area. Ericeira is an ancient village, the […]


Mafra is a Portuguese village situated in Lisbon district, and it is also a municipality that is divided into 11 parishes. Located about 40 km on the north of the Portuguese capital, and only 9 km away from Ericeira, Mafra was founded during Middle Age, being recognized by king D. Manuel in 1513. The village […]


Discription of the scientist concept, who are these people, what is there motivation and a small list with some famous scientists…

Tapada de Mafra

The Tapada Nacional de Mafra, or simply Tapada de Mafra, is a preserved forest area located in Sobral da Abelheira, in the village of Mafra, in the district of Lisbon, that has about 1187 hectares, and where multiple species of natural fauna and flora can be found. The Tapada de Mafra was first created in […]

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