Management Concept

In spite of not being possible to find a universally accepted definition for this management concept and, on the other hand, despite this having developed a lot during the last century, there is some consensus referent to that this should mandatorily include a series of tasks that seek to guarantee the efficient allocation of all resources made available by the organization in order to achieve the pre determined goals.

In other words, is the managements’ duty the better functioning of the organizations by the rational decision making and based in the gathering and treatment of data and relevant information and, by this way, contribute to its development and for the interests satisfaction of all its employees and owners and for the satisfaction of needs of the general society and a group in particular.

According to the classic concept initially developed by Henry Fayol, is the management’s duty to act through planning activities, organization, leadership and control in order to achieve the pre determined organizational goals.

To perform the duties above mentioned, the managers use many times the techniques already tested and scientifically demonstrated. On the other hand, they also use knowledge of several scientific courses such as math, social and human sciences, economy, and law, among others. Hence, we conclude that the management can be considered a science in the way that entails a marked scientific component.

Nevertheless, management cannot be considered as a science in the true meaning of the word because the general theories scientifically shown are rarely enough for the decision making process. It is also necessary some empirical knowledge (some cal it art) as a way to fulfill the distance that separates the general theories from the reality lived in each organization. Comes from here the importance of the experience and the familiarity with the real situations lived daily in the place where the action takes place. This is one of the main reasons presented by the defenders in the realization of practical traineeships after the acquirement of technical knowledge during the school time.

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