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Frederick Winslow Taylor was a North American Mechanical Engineer, born in 1856 in Philadelphia in United States, was known as the father of the Work Scientific Theory (or Taylorism, designatin given in his honor). He began his professional career with 18 years of age as mechanic apprentice studying at night in the Mechanical Engineering course. In 1881, already as chief engineer in the Midway steel factories, and after several experiments of tasks performance time measurements with the aim to eliminate inefficiencies, introduces a production methods based in serial production – this method relied in the subdivisions of the productive processes in small segments or tasks, tending to eliminate all downtimes. Complementary was developed a system of differentiated prizes for the employees that came closer to the goals. In 1890 becomes Director of the Manufacturing Investment Company, having after passed by several factories where were implemented his production methods and in 1906, is elected president of the American Association of Mechanical Engineers. In 1911 publishes his great work entitles “The Principles of Scientific Management” in which defends the Work Scientific Management Theory principles.

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