7 P’s Model

7 P’s Model Concept: 7 P’s Model, also known as “Extended Marketing Mix”, is a model introduced by Booms and Bitner and that expands the…


AIDA Concept The term AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), designates a tool or a model of communication management highly used in marketing and seeks to describe the mental states through which the consumers go in a process of purchase of products or services. The goal of the model application is to seek for solutions that […]

Bibeault Model

Bibeault Model Concept: Bibeault Model is a model developed by Donald Bibeault and that seeks to help the managers identify…

Bonoma Implementation Model

Bonoma Implementation Model Concept: Bonoma Implementation Model, developed by Thomas Bonoma, professor at Harvard Business School…


Branding Concept The literal meaning of Branding is the allocation of a brand to a product or service. However, the true meaning of the term Branding goes way beyond and means to perform the differentiation of a product or service and help define a certain positioning through the allocation of a brand and/or an identifying […]


Client Concept: In most contexts’ is considered as client of an entity whoever decides the purchase of a certain good or service offered by…

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance Concept: The expression Cognitive Dissonance designates a theory proposed in the twentieth century decade of…

Commercial Management

Commercial Management Concept: Commercial management is one of the traditional management functional areas found in any organization and to…


Communication Concept: Communication represents one of the most important tools that the leaders have at their disposal to..

Communication Plan

Communication Plan Concept A communication plan is a document that establishes the way which should assume organizational communication. This plan should mandatorily include the following elements: Goal: which goal, or goals, that is intended to achieve with communication; this aim should, naturally, be integrated in the mission of the organization, in its global goals and […]

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