Adam Smith

Adam Smith Biography Considered the father of modern economy, Adam Smith was born in Scotland, probably in 1723, having deceased in 1790. His book “The Wealth of Nations”, edited in 1776, was and continues to be a book of reference for all economists. Before this book, in 1759, Adam Smith had already published the book […]

Consumption Society

Consumption Society Concept: The expression Consumption Society designates a society characteristic of the developed world in which the offer usually…

Generalized System of Preferences

Generalized System of Preferences Concept: Generalized System of Preference (GSP) is an instrument created by the Conference of the…

Joseph Schumpeter

Biography of Joseph Schumpeter Joseph Schumpeter, born in the old Austro-Hungarian Empires in 1883 and later nationalized North American, was one of the most influent economists of the 20th century, having become renown for the authorship of the economic cycles’ theory. Before having dedicated to the economic investigation, mainly in Harvard, Joseph Schumpeter was Minister […]

Reserva Federal Americana

Presentation of the American Federal Reserve: American Federal Reserve or Federal Reserve System (also known as “Fed”) is the United States of America central bank…


Salary Concept: Salary is the income that the employees receive in exchange for the work given in the productive process…

Samuelson, Paul A.

Biography of Paul A. Samuelson Born in 1915 in Massachusetts, United States, Paul Anthony Samuelson was Professor of Economy at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where in 1947 became University Professor. In 1970 becomes the first North American to be awarded with the Economy Nobel Prize “For the development of the static and dynamic economic […]


Service Concept: The term service designates a specific type of good with intangibility characteristics; this is, without…


Spread Concept: The term Spread designates the difference between the selling and the purchasing prices of a…

Strategic analyses of actors (Foresight)

A análise estratégica de atores consiste na análise das relações de influência/dependência que aqueles mantêm entre si, em relação a um determinado foco estratégico.

Structural analysis (foresight)

In a strategic foresight, structural analysis consists of a technique of systems analysis, which, by allowing the detection of “hidden” relationships and decomposing the system into subsystems, can help to recognize what was otherwise not perceptible.

Union (Trade Union)

Union (Trade Union) Concept Currently, and synthetically said, a union is a free association, stable and permanent of employees or workers belonging to a same career or related careers) or to a same activity sector, that gather for a defense of the correspondent professional interests, individual or collective, namely at the level of work conditions […]

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