Cinema and theater


Concept of analepsis Analepsis, or flashback, is a narrative technique, commonly used in literature and cinema, but that can also be used in theatre, and that consists on the description of events prior to the present moment of the story. This way, the chronological order of the facts is interrupted, and there is a return […]


A cyclorama is the name given to the back of a stage, in a theatre, concert or show room, and that is placed behind the artists that are performing; it is commonly made of a light material, usually canvas or fabric, but it can also be a wall, and, as the name indicates, it has […]

DeMille, Cecil B.

Cecil Blount DeMille was a notorious North American director and producer, and one of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, being also considered one of the responsible for the establishment of Hollywood as one of the most important movie industries. Born in August 1881 in Ashfield, in the state of […]


An extra, or background actor, is a figure or character that can appear in a movie, series or theatre play. Normally, the extra appears on set only in the background, and doesn’t have any kind of influence in the development of the narrative; in most cases, it is even impossible to identify the identity of […]

Film noir

Film noir is a movie subgenre that belongs to the main category of police movies, and it is mainly characterized by the specific themes depicted and also by its inherent visual attributes. Regarding the narrative, film noir mostly deals with criminal drama, in a very direct way, and sometimes even with a cynical approach; the […]


A film-maker is a professional from the movie industry who, as the name indicates, makes a movie, he is the responsible for the creation of the film. However, as is commonly known, it is hard if not impossible for a single individual to make a movie, at least in a professional environment, and the current […]

Griffith, D. W.

David Llewelyn Wark Griffith, commonly known as D. W. Grifftith, was an American film maker who developed new directing techniques, being considered by many the “father” of Hollywood. Born in 1875 in Crestwood, Kentucky, Griffith came from a rural poor family, and during his childhood and adolescence he suffered from the economic difficulties his family […]

Herzog, Werner

Werner Herzog Stipetić is a famous German film maker, commonly known as Werner Herzog, the name he choose to use in the early beginning of his career, since he considered it more striking and memorable than his real last name. Born in 1942 in Munich, Germany, Werner has Croatian origins, and spend a big part of […]

Image Composition

Image Composition refers to the arrangement of elements on a screen, whether it is a painting or drawing, a photograph or a frame in television or cinema. The main elements that are an essential part of the composition of any image are the main subject, the foreground and the secondary motifs, and all this components […]

Japanese Cinema

The history of Japanese Cinema has over one century. In 1897, Japanese people were introduced to a new invention, which allowed to put images once static in motion; the responsible for the first public demonstration of what would become cinema has its known nowadays was the American company Vitascope. It is clear then since its […]

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